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two young lives come to a sudden end in a violent crash on a darkened san francisco roadway. good evening, everyone. police are stepping up patrols tonight in an effort to stop another tragedy. abc7's john alston was at the scene where family and friends gathered to mourn. >> we learned the car carrying the two men who died went out of control and veered into on coming traffic seriously injuring a family of three driving in the other direction. as the sun began to set, more
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showed up to see for themselves the spot where they died the night before. >> they were great human beings and it is very tragic. >> nick sarmiento and his friend robbie mccann were killed. his aunt and two cousins dropped by to pay their respects. >> they loved everybody. i i don't get how it could happen. >> this was the aftermath of the grinding crash. police say witnesses said the car was driving and lost control and went into on coming traffic. >> they lost control and were speeding and they crossed into the other lane of traffic and hit a family of three which also went to the hospital. >> the other car, a day yo tau smashed into the passenger side of the honda whose roof had to be cutoff so firefighters could reach the
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two young men. police are promising increased traffic inforce meant -- enforcement where people blow past the 40 mile an hour speed limit. today they were pulling people over left and right and handing out ticket averaging $450. >> it is dangerous out here. >> there are too many close calls. >> the crash took the lives of two young men who were classmates in pacifica and worked as security guards at the academy of sciences according to friends. nick sarmiento was planning to leave with his family this witness. -- this wednesday. >> my last encounter was he left with a good hug to me. i will never forget that. >> toxicology testses are planned for tuesday. the injured family is a mother, father and daughter believed to be about 13 years eld on.
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they were taken to san francisco general hospital with serious injuries. we don't know how many victims involved were wearing seatbelts. live in the newsroom, john alston, abc news. local police are reporting they arrested more people under suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs than they did a year ago. it adds up to 167 arrests. they arrested 990 people since the labor day weekend began. it compares with 923 during the same time last year. maximum enforcement continues until late tomorrow night. police say they will return to a pittsburgh landfill. they are looking for this man, frederick solace, and they believe he is the fifth victim in a string of bizarre murders, possibly at the hands of one man. but as cecilia vega reports,
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so far the search found nothing. >> this landfill was supposed to be the biggest lead for those searching for frederick solace. but after sifting through the one acre stretch of the landfill, there still are no new clues. >> unfortunately all of the effort they have put in, they have yielded no results. >> it was the result of a week-long investigation that lead searchers to the keller canyon landfill in the first place. suspect valdamorrow worked near this hercules business park where the car he was known to drive was found abandoned. trash from the dumpster from there comes here. but unless something turns up soon, we could be back to square one. >> we will continue until they come to the end and until they have found something or they have completed a search of the entire area. >> authoritieses feel -- feel solace could be in the string of murders. before the chp shot him dead
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following a high speed chase, police say in a fit of jealousy, he likely killed his father and the girlfriend's friend. investigators believe valdamorow suspect there was a romantic relationship between either the father or son and tran. police say he could be connected to the deaths of these two vallejo women. they were also found dead last week. valdamorrow occasionally lived in her home. he is facing charges of having large amounts of explosiveses in the house, the same place he was living with the decomposing bodies. it is expected to take the searchers another two to three days sifting through the one acre area of land that they are now focused on. that means for day four, itch soars -- searchers will be back here at 8:00 in the
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morning. cecilia vega, abc7 news. a live morman is in jail tonight after stabbing his 14-year-old son 11 times. alameda county sheriff say 48-year-old gary gomez was fishing with his wife, son and his son's two friend at the bethany reservoir. around 2:00 a.m. he got into a fight with his son and police say he started losing and gomez pulled out a fishing knife and started stabbing his son. none of the wounds were life-threatening and the boy was released from the hospital. we are learning more about the truck driver whose big rig just missed hiting a helicopter that crashed on the 101 in salinas. you may remember the wreckage covered the southbound lanes near airport boulevard on friday morning. the helicopter crashed just minutes after taking off from the salinas airport. the truck driver delivers mail along that stretch of highway several times a week. she describes what happened.
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>> then i saw something coming from the shoulder. then i realize it was a helicopter. it wasn't long, seconds if that, before i realized he was in serious trouble and he was going to crash. i hit my brakes as hard as i could which is dangerous in a truck because you can jackknife and you can cause a horrible pile up behind you. >> the pilot survived the crash. gomez, junior was the only person on board. the highway patrol says gomez may have suffered from vertigo just before the crash. this week the california supreme court will consider the legality of the friday furloughs for state workers. the court will hear arguments on three lawsuits filed by thousands of workers ordered to take unpaid days off in 2009.
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the governor ordered the furloughs to deal with the state's massive budget crisis. but the lawsuit contends they violate a state law requiring a 40-hour workweek as well as union contracts. during the first 17 months of furloughs, california added $1.6 billion to the general fund. >> it is still unclear whether or not craigslist is pulling its adult services classified ads from the on-line site. 0* friday the san francisco-based website replaced the category with a black bar that simply reads "sensored." the decision was made after the attorneys general of 17 states pressured craigslist in a letter to take down its adult services section. >> we don't believe this will be the end of the effort. we think we need to be sure they will follow through on what they have done. >> it is actually much safer if this was driven in the ground, and it is now going to be driven underground.
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>> prosecutors insist craigslist was not doing enough to stop child prostitute trafficking. they talk about the murder of a masseuse by a customer she met through the site. san francisco supervisors are expected to vote on an alcohol tax this week. the new fee would add three cents to a bottle of beer and four and a half cents to a glass of wine and three and a half for liquor. sounds like small changing, but they say the fee would earn san francisco about $16 million a year. the money would be used to help cover expenses linked to alcohol abuse. the alcohol hospitality business oppose had the fee -- opposes the fee saying it would hurt business and kill jobs. looks like the ceo fired from hp is about to land on his feet. how mark herd could be working at yet another bay area company thanks to some help from a friend. and then this -- >> we are on the right path.
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>> economic follow sees have failed. >> the debate heats up over what should be done to physical the economy. and the burning man festival is winding down tonight. >> and hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. it was a nice, mild day today. a little warmer. it is still warm right now with parts of the bay area still in the 70s. more heat for us tomorrow.
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you can see
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to flooding is the latest concern as new zealand struggles to recover from saturday's 7.1 earthquake. the powerful earthquake destroyed at least 500 buildings. in christ church the mayor extended a stay of emergency for another two days. army troops have taken n
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control of the city's center. the area is blocked off with building and business owners uh loed in -- allowed in. there were no deaths in the earthquake. a christian televangalist surprised a lot of people when he spoke in support of building a mosque near ground zero in lower manhattan. preacher bill keller lead the first sf in a new christensen ter a block from where the world trade center once stood. an islamic group wants to build in the same area. >> they want to go there and preach the lives of islam. i can preach the truth of the bible. >> this comes as officials in murfreesboro, tennessee hope a $20,000 reward helps catch an arsonist who set a fire at the site where the mosque is asking to be built. with the summer's economy still ailing and mid-term elections fast approaching,
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president obama returns to the campaign trail. david curly has the details. >> president obama hit the road for a week that is all about the economy. he will be unveiling a new economic plan having admitted the economy is stalled. the administration says he kill call for a permanent extension and expansion of the recent tax credit that allows businesses to write off bell man costs and he may ask dpor a new tax cut for new hires. >> we always like to see a death bed conversion. but the fact is if we would have done this kind of thing a couple years ago, we would be in good shape. they are just flailing around. >> can it make a difference? or is part of the president's plan a hail mary path. especially the tax cuts. >> if democrats seize the
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opportunity, i think that's a great opportunity for democrats. >> the republican-based voters can't wait to get to the pollses to register thar vote on election day. democrats are having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. >> many democrats are distancing themselves from president obama. the head of the democratic committee said on sunday, they are foolish to do so saying they have a lot to be proud of. david curly,abc news, the white house. former hewlett-packard chief mark herd is in talks to take a top executive job at oracle. the possibility is not a surprise. he came to herd's defense after the ouster saying hp's decision was the worst personnel decision since apple forced out steve jobs. herd left hp after a sexual harassment investigation uncovered inaccurate expense reports connected to the woman who accused him of harassment. a lot of people were enjoying the sunny weather and took part in the first gay
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pride celebration in six years. people danced as musicianses played in the uptown district today. the pride celebration comes after an effort spear headed by the councilmember and mayoral candidate. kaplan identifies herself as a lesbian. they held celebrations from 1997 to 2004. and now they want to make the pride celebration an annual tradition. leigh glaser is here. this is one of those times you will never here me complain. >> no complaint as temperatures across the bay area are up a is much as 10 degrees. and you will do it again tomorrow. but a few more degrees warmer. so a great holiday labor day for the bay area. it is clear out there. the fog is well off the coast. we are getting into the offshore winds and it is also helping to keep today's heat
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with it. check out antioch right now. you are still at 73 degrees. it is 67 in concord, so definitely mild. half moon bay with clear skies and temperatures have dropped off around 48. we will keep it clear and mild. another warm to hot day as temperatures come up another five to about eight degrees across the bay area. just as soon as the temperatures warm up, boy we will cool it down as we head into tuesday. and you can see on the latest satellite composite that the low clouds and fog are gone thanks to high pressure that has built in. it is pushing all of this well to the west of the bay area. so we will continue with clear skies tonight. look for mild temperatures inland. in the 60s. we'll keep some 50s near san
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francisco as well as the coast. it is fog free as the high pressure continues to build in. it will definitely set up to the north and it will allow the offshore winds, the winds from land to sea and as the winds come down they compress close to the surface and the temperatures warm up rapidly. we will look for 70s to appear as we head close to the beaches. so really a terrific day. a great day to have the day off. 89 for milpitas and check out half moon bay, 76. 73 in pacifica. the peninsula looks great as well with 88 for palo alto. san francisco, you will jump up another 10 degrees. today your high was 70. we will go with 80 tomorrow thanks to the offshore winds. sunset district and 88 for pet llama. -- petaluma. napa 90 and on the east bay, 86 for oakland. sunshine there and 88 for union city.
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and then it is going to get a little uncomfortable as you head out toward the east bay valleys with 94 for brentwood and 92 pittsburgh. 94 for livermore. santa cruz is 85. caramel is 70 degrees and 94 for hollister. a hot one tomorrow, and then things reverse and the winds shift back onshore. we will go with some mist and drizzle by wednesday morning. much cooler temperatures. only in the 1e69s in the -- 70s in the east bay. a huge drop in temperatures after tomorrow. >> thanks, leigh. a new record at the burning man festival. that's next. and a giant victory for the dodgers coupled with a san diego loss. san francisco is a game back
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and make their school a better place. burning man festival report that more people attended this year's festival than a year ago. the week long festival reached its climax last night when a 40-foot tall effigy of the man was set ablaze. about 50,000 people attended burning man in the middle of the black rock desert. that's about 25% more than last year.
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on to mike shumann and the san diego padres are doing their own impression of the burning man. >> they are on a quick fade. the giants are making a run at the national league title. they are a game back of the padres who lost 10 straight. tim lincecum is looking for some monkey bars, but settled for hanging on the ledge. sandoval doing his job. the panda had two hits with a sac fly. he beats the throw home and the giants are un1-0, and that's all the support sanchez needed. taking a seat. in the 6th, san sanchez blows him away. sanchez struck out nine in seven shut out innings. top seven and last night's hero doing the damage again. see ya. his second homer in as many nights. 19th on the year. the giants are now a game back of the national league west after a 3-0 victory. the a's hosting the angels and they raised more than $70,000 for cancer research.
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a smart move and a titanic blast. the angelses' second 2-run homer and 4-0 halos. the a's battle back and they sting one into the gab. -- gap. but that's as close as they got. 234* the seventh, abreu is going up the gut. kendrick scores and the angels prevent a sweep with a 7-4 victory. the raiders are getting ready for tennessee a week from today. they are trying to sort out their injury list.
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>> i feel like i have great hands. it is something i am looking forward to. >> college football and a great finish between tulsa and east carolina. they are down four and it was the hail mary. it is up for grabs and 6 foot 8 justin jones goes up and gets it. the prayer was answered for east carolina. the pirates win a wild one 51-49. the first sunday of the u.s. open, ladies first, defending m cha p yen kim clijsters moves on as nadal. venus williams and the first set tie break. venus did not play well, but she uncorks a big forehand winner. williams takes the first set. the second set and venus trying to fend off a break point. she will be in the quarterfinals. andy murray is not so lucky. he gets whacked and it was a
11:31 pm
popular pick and check out this point. he will go across court and no, down the line. pga playoffs and the third round and that's at tpc boston. he was going to chip it in and sure enough he does. 67 for lefty and he is 12 under. to 18 and after hitting into the hazard and it stays at 16 under. he is one back of jason and 15 for birdie. it drops into 17 under and he carves a 68. monday is the final round. nascar's sprint cup series and the night belongs to tony stewart. he had his first victory since october of last year. carl edwards takes second and jimmie johnson is third. only one race remains until
11:32 pm
the chase are to the sprint cup championship. and the playoff, winners over boston improves to 15, 3 and 5. and it was their first ever win in houston. hue son used to be the -- houston used to be the san -- san jose earthquakes. that is it. i'm alan wang. for leigh, shu, and all of us, thanks for staying up late. good night, everyone.
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